Clifton Strengths

At Fresenius Medical Care the personal development of our employees is really important to us, one of the first steps in any development journey is self-awareness, therefore we have partnered with Gallup, and offer all of our managers and team members the opportunity to complete Gallup – Clifton Strengths to discover more about themselves and understand what they do naturally well. 

This is followed with an individual coaching session with one of our internal qualified strengths coaches to explore their strengths further, and how they use their strengths each and every day to help them achieve, build relationships, work together as a team, increase their performance and develop as an individual.  This ultimately means they are more engaged with the company. In addition, strengths support our managers by helping them to build and develop their own unique leadership style using their powerful strengths.

Hear below how strengths has helped develop and support some of our people:

„It becomes apparent how valuable this tool is; as when faced with a challenge, the organisation encourages individuals to celebrate their strengths, lead with their strengths & connect with others with a view to collaborate.”
Laura Spendlove,Employee Relations & Engagement Manager UK & Ireland
„As most of my top strengths are in the relationship building group, my colleagues know they can rely on me for anything they need within that category. I would absolutely recommend obtaining a strengths profile!”
Jade Harrison,Communications Coordinator
„In coaching the team, I use Strengths at One to Ones, to enable the individual to reflect on what strengths they need to achieve their objectives. Often it is exploring together what is the best way of achieving an objective using their innate talents. I cannot imagine managing a team now without this tool. ”
Melanie Manley,Lead Home Therapies Specialist Nurse

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