Recruitment Process and Onboarding

We are pleased that you are considering applying for a job with us. To help you prepare for everything, here are some helpful tips and what to expect during the application process and onboarding at Fresenius Medical Care UK.

Recruitment Process – what to expect 

If you are asked to attend an interview, you will receive an invite to interview via our recruitment system this will be sent via email to the email address you provided as part of your application. The invite will include details of the venue or if the interview is via a call or MS Teams it will include the link to join the Teams meeting or the telephone number we will call you on, interviewer/s and depending on the role any additional presentations to prepare in advance.

Being prepared for your interview will help to give the best impression of you and help you feel more confident. It will also enable you to gain a full understanding of the role you have applied for and how it may work on a daily basis. To help you prepare it is best advised to research and learn about Fresenius Medical Care and Renal Nursing, our Values, Vision and Mission. Look at the information our website, research the role before you attend the interview is a great place to start. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask the interviewer/s any questions and it is advisable to think through these in advance.

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect in the telephone interview? – Professional roles

The telephone interview is usually applicable to roles within our professional functions and usually last for about 30 minutes. The purpose of the telephone interview is so you can provide further details regarding the role you have applied for and for you to provide further information on your professional background and resume highlights, we may also ask you some standard interview questions too. You should also expect that the interviewer will ask what questions and concerns you have about the position.

What should I expect in the interview? – All roles
SMART is a technique known as (S)ituation, (T)ask, (A)ction, (R)esult, (T)ransfer.

Your interview process may include a 1st stage interview or a final stage interview or both, our recruitment team will inform you of the interview process relevant to the role you have applied for.

Typically for roles within our clinics these require one interview!

Values based interviews are used to make the recruitment process as open and fair as possible by asking a series of questions that are relevant to the role and values of the Trust. We ask you to answer the values-based questions using SMART.

SMART is a technique known as (S)ituation, (T)ask, (A)ction, (R)esult, (T)ransfer (see image above).

Values based questions are slightly different to the style you may have been used to. They will tend to focus on past situations and your behaviour in those situations. Questions are likely to start with “Please give me an example of when ...” or “Please describe an occasion...” etc.

At the beginning of the interview the interviewer/s should introduce themselves and explain what will happen during the interview. If there is more than one-person interviewing, when answering questions, it is good practice to talk to the whole of the interviewing panel and not just the person who has asked the question.

What will interviewer/s be looking for?

The interviewer/s will be looking for specific examples describing how you have approached certain situations. You may choose to use relevant examples from your current job, a previous role or a situation out of work altogether. You will be asked to discuss the example in detail. It is likely that the interviewers will then follow up with some probing questions. They will be interested in the outcome of the situation, whether there was anything you learned from the experience etc. and remember that SMART technique! The interviewer/s may also want to ask you questions about the information you have provided in your application and or resume and may ask questions relevant to the role you have applied for.

Gallup – Some professional roles

As part of the recruitment process and dependant on the role which you have applied for you may be asked to complete a Gallup interview. This is completed by Gallup and they contact you directly to do this.

Roles typically that require Gallup as part of the recruitment process are, Regional Sales Managers, Therapy Specialist Nurses and Leadership roles.

Helpful Tips

Be on time, practice getting to the location of the interview to see how long it will take and on the day set off in good time and aim to be early or if your interview is via MS Teams check you can connect to MS Teams and ensure you have read any instructions received on your interview invite. If you are attending an interview at one of our clinics this could be on a hospital site so it’s worth checking out the maps to help you find the area your interview will be held in.

We politely ask if you are going to be late or cannot attend your interview due to an emergency etc. please telephone the recruitment team to let them know.

Image - Wear something appropriate in which you feel comfortable. Dress code is to be professional and smart but remember that if you are uncomfortable it could hinder your performance.

Write down and practice possible questions - Writing your questions down and practice them with someone will make it easier to remember when you get to the interview.

Your answers - Make sure that you listen to the question and keep your answers clear and focused. If you are unsure ask the panel to clarify what they are asking, to rephrase or if you can come back to that question at the end.

Qualifications - If the job you are interviewing for such as a nurse and requires specific qualifications we kindly ask you to take the original copies of relevant certificates along to the interview with you.

Remember to smile, make eye contact, be confident, professional, polite and be yourself.

On-boarding – What to expect

Firstly, what is on-boarding? On-boarding is the process of completing your pre-employment checks and introducing you to Fresenius Medical Care. We want your journey to be as smooth as possible and set you up for success right from the start, here we give you an insight on what to expect.

Our onboarding process will cover all the paperwork that comes with starting a new job and helps you get to know the company and some of the people you will be working with.

Should you be offered a new job with us this is what to expect to happen next.

At your interview you will have been asked to bring along ID, this is so we can ensure your pre-employment checks are managed quickly and effectively.

Part of the ID requested from you is so that we can complete your DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check or in Ireland a Garda check, a DBS/Garda check is an official record stating a person’s criminal convictions. This can take anything between 24hrs and a few weeks to be returned so its vital we get the correct ID from you in order not to delay any start dates.

Your contract and offer pack are issued virtually via our onboarding portal. You will be able to complete most of your pre-employment checks via this portal on either a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

You will also receive an email from our Occupational Health provider asking you to complete an online medical questionnaire.

Once you have started you will be invited to join an induction session, some of these may be virtual and some may be face to face, either way you will have a warm and welcoming introduction to Fresenius Medical Care and have the opportunity to meet some people you may be working with.

Any questions?

Get in touch directly with our recruitment team!

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