Dalton Grizzard

Therapy Specialist Nurse

At Fresenius Medical Care UK & Ireland, there are a plethora of different roles within our resilient team. We believe ‘who we are’ is rooted in our employees and the wonderful work that they do.

A day in the life at Fresenius Medical Care UK & Ireland.

This includes Dalton Grizzard, a Therapy Specialist Nurse, who is a part of our Home Therapies team. He works closely to support the NHS Trusts and Renal Clinics in his area, providing the education and training for Fresenius Medical Care's Home Dialysis products, therapy, and technologies.

When asked about what the most enjoyable part of the job was, Dalton said he found it hard to choose. “The most fulfilling part of the job is helping Nurses, like me, develop the skills and confidence to train patients, and get them safely home to do their dialysis treatments. It’s incredibly rewarding to see patients taking control of their own care, and enjoying a healthy and independent life at home, giving them the freedom to live their best lives with their families and friends.”

With the pandemic, the past two years have been challenging for healthcare workers and vulnerable patients alike. This has absolutely transformed the nature of dialysis because, as Dalton highlights, the safest place for patients to dialyse was at home. Training, however, still in part had to be conducted in person, meaning adding travel to an already busy plate, which has been compounded by nurse shortages. It’s times like this when working for a company that cares for its employees comes to the forefront: “the best thing about working with Fresenius Medical Care, is the support you have and relationships you build in your team. We are a very large global company, but your immediate team is more like family, and we support each other across the business. That’s what makes Fresenius Medical Care different from other large companies.”

This comes with wider benefits too. Fresenius Medical Care also recognises the necessity of work-life balance, as demonstrated by the implementation of the Hybrid Working scheme, which allows flexible working. Dalton enjoys the fact that as a result, he is able to determine his own schedule. He explains, “It’s not a nine to five job, and that’s perfect for me. I like figuring out my own daily plans, around client and company needs. It’s like being your own boss.”

Dalton attests that “Fresenius Medical Care is unique, in that it has really come to the forefront of education and professional development for the employees.” This can be seen with the several platforms offered to stay current with required training as professionals, but also countless opportunities to improve and learn more about many forms of specialities.

As someone with a wealth of experience in the field. Dalton has the following advice for nurses starting out in the industry:

  1. Always remain true to your nursing values, and remember that you are still affecting patients and patient outcomes, even when training and working with other medical professionals; your efforts can affect hundreds of patients and families supported by the medical professionals you will be training.
  2. Remember that you are working for a business, not a government. Trust different rules and regulations you must follow as an industry provider.
  3. Always try to keep your personal life and work-life a healthy mix of privacy and collaboration. Your colleagues will likely be your friends and support system, so always treats them as you would like to be treated, and you will have friends for life.




„Fresenius Medical Care is unique, in that it has really come to the forefront of education and professional development for the employees. ”
Dalton Grizzard ,Therapy Specialist Nurse

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